Week 9 – Script Writing


 AUDIO                                                                             VISUAL

Narrator: Labor MP Claire Craig is planning to improve employment opportunities for youth in the Keppel region. Unemployment is one of the largest issues the region currently faces with at least 200 jobs predicted to be cut in the next six months. Footage of MP Claire Craig speaking at the Brisbane House of Representatives
Narrator: The new member for Keppel says she plans to create more job opportunities in the area by October 2016. MP Claire Craig said that reducing unemployment rates will lead to other developments for Keppel such as improving the local economy and reducing crime risks.  Vision of  people accessing developments along the Yeppoon esplanade
Ms Craig: “The growing rate of unemployment is adversely impacting businesses and young adults who are entering the workforce and this has to change immediately!” Footage of interview with Ms Craig
Narrator: Ms Craig says one way of creating greater job opportunities in the region would be through increasing pay roll deductions by 15 per cent. This will mean lower payroll tax on business, allowing employers to recruit young trainees. Vision of young apprentices in Yeppoon workshop
Ms Craig: “There are young adults who are willing to step out and work in these industries and they deserve a fair chance at a job. We want to allow people to stay in the region through work and not have to go elsewhere.” Footage of interview with Ms Craig
Narrator: Ms Craig says she has high hopes for the future of Keppel and looks forward to working towards broadening job opportunities within the district. Piece to Camera outside MP office



Given that I have never written an audio-visual script before, I found this task challenging. However, it is making me think deeply about what angle I am going to take and what information to include in my final assignment for this course. I am looking forward to receiving feedback on this as I am currently not as confident as I would like to be in developing a news release.

Listening to the recording of my script, it is apparent that this is a draft and there is room for improvement. When alternating between the narrator and MP, I changed the tone and pace of my voice to indicate the change of speaker. I also paused shortly between each speaker to signal the transition. However, I could have done so in a way that is more distinguishable to the listener. The recording lasts for just over a minute and could be made longer had I slowed the pace of my voice. Throughout the recording my speaking sounds slightly rushed and this is something I will have to work on improving. The script could also be delivered to sound more natural than it does here. It is evident that I am reading what is being said and this has an adverse effect on the overall delivery, especially when reading quotes that are suppose to sound unscripted. This is the first attempt I have had at a task of this kind. Therefore, I will look forward to using feedback for this task when developing the second assignment.


Activities that were most useful to my learning?

Throughout this course, I have come a very long way in terms of understanding the many areas of speech and script and where it can be applied. The activity that stood out most of all to me was task one in week three – summarising the key points of Aristotle’s ‘Rhetoric’. I had learnt about Aristotle when studying ancient history in high school, yet, I had never been exposed to rhetoric. Despite of how long ago rhetoric was produced, it is still relevant today. Before learning about this, I had never heard the term ‘a politician’s rhetoric’ or the word used in that way. After familiarising with it in this course, I started noticing it everywhere, especially when researching for the other weekly exercises. Knowing about rhetoric was very helpful to me when trying to find sources providing information about formal speech and writing a maiden speech. Through applying rhetoric and its devices such as anecdotes to my writing, it has heightened my understanding of the different forms of persuasion and how it is effectively by an audience.

How my understanding of speaking and script writing has improved during this course?

At this stage in the course, my understanding of speech and script has definitely improved. Exercises such as recording the news read in weeks one and four made me not only consider, but also practice ways to improve my speech. I did not know about inflection and how it used to change the way a script delivered. This significantly helped me understand how to transition from a conversation voice to a professional voice. Recording the piece to camera in week seven also encouraged me to practice reading news as a professional news reader would. I still have trouble achieving a professional voice and it is going to take plenty of practice before I can achieve a professional news reading voice that sounds natural and does not make me anxious. Even practicing speaking alone can be difficult for me as I am quite self-conscious when carrying out these types of tasks. Controlling my nerves and being comfortable with recording my voice are two issues I hope to improve by the end of this course.

The usefulness of this blogging journey and how it has benefited my learning?

Throughout my degree, I have found blogs to be one of the most effective ways to complete an assessment. Having nine separate blog posts, dividing the assignment into multiple meant that I learnt a wider range of activities than I usually would in an essay or report. Having so many tasks to do over the course of completing this blog made it easy to move forward when I became stuck on a particular task. By dividing the activities it also made the assignment more enjoyable as I was not spending all of my time learning about one topic that could become boring. I also enjoyed the practical activities that this assessment incorporated into my learning such as recording my voice and creating a piece to camera for the first time. The nature of the blog posts made it much easier to tie these activities in with the written task. Overall I have found this assignment enjoyable and it has no doubt been beneficial to my learning in regards to speech and script.

How confident I am in heading into assignment two and what issues I am facing at this point of the course?

At this stage of the course, I am relatively confident in starting my final assessment – the maiden speech. Tying the two assessment pieces together has helped me to prepare and consider the approach I am going to take when writing the speech. Had this not been the case, it is very likely that I would not have given any thought towards the second assignment at this point in the course. Tasks such as developing PAIBOC have moved me forward in my understanding of the task and the information that will be vital to the effectiveness of the speech. Politics has always been a somewhat ‘grey’ area to me, in that I have had so little involvement in it throughout my life. For this reason, the most difficult part of this assignment and the issues I am yet to overcome include understanding what policies should be addressed. Knowing the current issues in the region and how they should be addressed in a maiden speech will be the most difficult aspect for me. Writing an audio-visual script for a news release is another task I have found challenging which is why feedback to this assignment will significantly help me prepare to tackle assignment two. Aside from these issues, I feel focused and motivated to take on the maiden speech, which is more than I could hope for at this stage in the term.


Ames, K, 2016, COMM12033: Speech & Script, Writing Speech – Script Writing, accessed 10 May 2016, https://moodle.cqu.edu.au/pluginfile.php/293247/mod_resource/content/3/COMM12033_Week9_Mod.pdf

King, A, 2015, The Morning Bulletin, Keppel MP so says payroll tax deduction key to unemployment, accessed 10 May 2016, http://www.themorningbulletin.com.au/news/payroll-tax-deduction-is-the-key/2604424/




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