Week 8: Speech Writing


Slide 1) Title

Slide 2) Introduction – aims to capture attention and orientate material (Berko et al. 1998): I will start by mentioning what has brought people to the Brisbane House of Representatives on this day. This will lead on to what has brought me here. I will introduce details about myself such as my relationship with my family to further familiarise myself with my audience (Green 2013). I will go into short detail of the town I grew up in, that is part of the Keppel district.

‘Living just footsteps from the beach and visiting the family property situated further inland – I had the best of both worlds while growing up.’

Slide 3) Acknowledgements: I will acknowledge those who have helped me get to where I am. I will Acknowledge Brittany Lauga who stood before me, my constituents and the Australian Labour Party (ALP). I will pay recognition to the communities that make up the Keppel district electorate. These include Emu Park, Yeppoon, Byfeild, Cawarral, Thompson Point, Nankin, Tungamull, Mount Archer, Keppel Sands, Coorooman, Parkhurst, Tanby, Mulara, Sandringham, The Caves, Taranganbar, Barmoya, Farnborough, Bungundarra, Greenlake, Canal Creek, Maryvale, Woodbury, Stockyard and Shoalwater (Electoral Commission Queensland 2015).

Slide 4) Anecdote:  I will include one of Aristotle’s rhetoric devices. According to Rorty (2011 p.721) who speaks on the virtues of rhetoric, a skilled persuader will know how to present their character in a way that will appeal to their audience. The speaker can use anecdotes to speak to the audience ‘in ways that will direct and structure their attitudes, motives and judgements’ (Rorty 2011, p.728).

Slide 5) Central Idea: I will introduce my vision for the Keppel district, paying tribute to the many qualities of the communities that make up this diverse and spectacular region of Queensland.

Slide 6) Body: I will discuss my key messages, establishing links between each and relating back to my central idea.

Slide 7) First Key Message: Education
Here I will talk about why the quality of State education in the region is integral to the well-being of the youth and for creating job opportunities. I will discuss my experience through the State public education system. Moving on from this, I will talk about my tertiary education and why it matters so deeply to me.

I will also develop a catchphrase that will repeat in each key message and throughout the rest of the speech.

Slide 8) Second Key Message: Employment
I will recognise the necessity for job growth in the region. I will discuss how this can be achieved through expanding employment opportunities. I will mention how increasing opportunities for tertiary education and vocational training will lead to more jobs. This relates to the previous key message regarding the importance of education quality.

Slide 9) Third Key Message: Support Local Farmers
In this part of the speech I will mention why locals should by produce supplied locally and how they can benefit from it. Supporting local farmers will link to the previous key message in that it will create employment opportunities. I would also like to mention the benefits of educating students on agriculture through State schools in the region.

I will include an anecdote here about growing up with a property, where we grew our own produce and raised livestock.

‘On my resume it will tell you that my first job was as a kitchen hand and waitress at a café. However, I had my first job at the age of five. My two older sisters and I would visit houses from door to door in our street, selling bunches of lettuce to our giving neighbours. We had grown these lettuces ourselves in a vegetable garden on our farm. This allowed my very first source of income and more importantly, this taught me where our food comes from and the value of farmers.’

Slide 10) Conclusion: At this part of the speech will restate my policies, key messages and vision for Keppel.


According to Ames (2016), the requirements for a formal speech, such as the maiden speech to be completed in assignment two, include preparation, writing, research and review. It is for this reason that I have prepared my speech by developing a basic structure. I have researched techniques that will maximise the effectiveness of this speech, such as Aristotle’s rhetoric devices. I found this task very helpful in getting started on my final assessment task for this course. More so, this has given me a further insight into what type of speech this will be and what approach I should take. While this task has been an eye opener, I still hold some doubts in my work and idea. Relating this speech to real issues and relevant solutions has not been an easy task for me. Overall, this task has taken me a large step forward in preparing my maiden speech. Even if I have taken the wrong approach with this plan, I have established the ‘bones’ for writing this speech and can only go forward from here.


Ames, K, 2016, COMM12033, Speech & Script: Speech Writing, CQU, Rockhampton, accessed 7 May 2016, https://moodle.cqu.edu.au/pluginfile.php/293243/mod_resource/content/4/COMM12033_Week8_Mod.pdf

Berko, R, Wolvin, A, Wolvin, D, 1998, ‘Public Speaking: Structuring The Message’, (7th edn.) Houghton Mifflin Company, Boston, pp. 326-353, accessed 11 May 2016, http://library-resources.cqu.edu.au/cro/protected/comm12033/comm12033_cro2368.pdf

Green, J, 2013, ABC, A maiden speech for our times, accessed 3 May 2016, http://www.abc.net.au/news/2013-12-05/green-a-maiden-speech-for-our-times/5135890

Rorty, E, 2011, ‘Aristotle On The Virtues Of Rhetoric’, The Reviews of Metaphysics, The Catholic University of America, vol. 64, no. 4, pp. 715-733

Electoral Commission Queensland, 2015, Queensland State Elections 2015, accessed 4 May 2016, https://results.ecq.qld.gov.au/elections/state/State2015/Keppel/Map.pdf


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